I am skilled in all aspects of web design, including server administration, back end development, and UI/UX design. I am competent with cloud services such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Azure. I am capable of supporting server side applications such as Apache, Nginx, Mysql, Postgres, Docker, LXD, RabbitMQ and many others. I also have in depth experience with relational database design, REST and RPC APIs, Linux administration, micro services, message brokers, single page apps, and traditional web pages.

I have experience leading teams across the full development cycle, from the early planning stages all the way to product maintenance. If there is a skill gap anywhere within the development cycle, I can fill that gap or mentor a team member to keep us on track. If there is research needed in any area, I have no problem stepping into that role as well.

I am most comfortable working with Go, HTML, CSS, Javascript and React but have no issue moving into other programming languages as needed. I have experience working with modern javascript stacks utilizing Webpack, Rollup, and Babel. I am also familiar with most interchange formats including JSON, XML, and Protobuf.

Feel free to reach out to me at danielreedme@gmail.com.

Professional Skills

  • Languages

    • Go
    • Javascript
    • SCSS
    • SQL
    • PHP
    • HTML
    • CSS
  • Libraries

    • Webpack
    • Babel
    • JQuery
    • GRPC
    • Rollup
    • Redux
    • Bootstrap
    • Doctrine
  • Server Applications

    • Apache
    • Mysql
    • LXD
    • RabbitMQ
    • Nginx
    • Postgres
    • Docker
    • Systemd
  • Data Formats

    • JSON
    • YAML
    • Protobuf
    • XML
    • TOML
  • Development Tools

    • Jira
    • Git
    • IntelliJ


  • Full Stack Developer


    10/2016 - 2/2018
    • Designed a Video Remote Interpreting Platform
    • Led a team in the effort to implement the VRI Platform
    • Translated management's vision into platform requirements and actionable goals
    • Conducted code reviews and external tool evaluations
    • Implemented UI utilizing React and Redux
    • Implemented back end in PHP/Symfony
    • Implemented micro services with Go, GRPC, and RabbitMQ
    • Managed the production LAMP stack and Linux servers
    • Integrated WebRTC, email, sms, and credit card billing
  • Full Stack Developer - Contract


    10/2014 - 10/2016
    • Prototyped a VRI Platform for Language Service Providers
  • NOC Specialist


    02/2012 - 02/016
    • Monitored Network and Data Center Events
    • Documented and Maintained Policy and Procedures Following ITIL Best Practices
    • Mentored new NOC Specialists
  • Call Center Representative


    01/2010 - 02/2012
    • Assisted life insurance customers
    • Assisted life insurance agents
    • Handled customer escalations
    • Mentored new call center representatives during their first week of calls
  • Call Center Representative

    Nordstrom Direct

    08/2007 - 08/2009
    • Provided customer service for Nordstrom.com via phone, email, and chat